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    March 20, 2020

    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The governments of United States and Mexico announced Friday that international travel would be restricted along the Southwest border. to help prevent the spread of COVID-19

    The restrictions will prohibit recreational and tourist travel, take effect at midnight Friday, and be in place for a minimum of 30 days, a U.S. Department of Homeland Security press release stated.     

    There will be no ban on commercial traffic, or on people traveling between the countries for work or other essential activities, the Associated Press reported. 

    The travel ban is subject to extension, the DHS reported

    Workers that will not be unaffected by the restrictions include farm workers, restaurant and grocery store employees and bus drivers, the Associated Press reported.

    The U.S. and Mexican governments acknowledged that critical services such as food, fuel, healthcare and life-saving medicines must reach people on both sides of the border every day, DHS reported.

    “Non-essential” travel includes travel that is considered tourism or recreational in nature. Additionally, officials are encouraging people to exercise caution by avoiding unnecessary contact with others.

    This joint initiative will commence at 12:01 Saturday throughout the US-Mexico land border for a period of 30 days subject to extension upon review, DHS stated.

    Staff Writer, I.V. Press